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/newstuff post for 30 Apr 2007

I went to /newstuff and downloaded some wads.

Generator of Evil A rather badly packaged wad - the zip file contents is unconventionally named, with filenames that contain spaces and subdirectories. The map itself is two enormous dark chambers absolutely stuffed with monsters. It's clearly inspired by Hell Revealed map24, Kama Sutra map28 and the like. Points of note in the first chamber include giant towers with lights flowing up the sides; a cyberdemon maze, probably inspired by Hell Revealed map27; and a really creepy demon face on a wall that opens its eyes when you walk up to it.

The second chamber is more symmetrical and centres on a monster spawner, which fortunately doesn't wake up until you get really near to it. There is an horde of cacodemons in this area, along with some cyberdemons on pillars. The huge scale of the thing is impressive, with entire carpets of cacodemons floating around at incredible heights. Hard to shoot at those ranges though.

Like all maps of this nature, starting off surrounded by a thousand monsters it can be frustrating if you don't know exactly what to do first. However the wad comes with a maxdemo (49:34) - watching the first couple of minutes will prove useful. At over 2000 monsters this is a very hard map, but somehow doesn't feel quite as insane as, say, ksutra 28, probably because it's so much larger and thus the monster density is lower. I have yet to attempt it without using super weapons, however...

Xenus 1.5 demo Two maps that replace E1M1 and E1M2. I don't understand the huge amount of hate they're getting in the comments at /idgames because they're perfectly decent techbase maps, if lacking a little in compactness and interconnection. My only complaint is that they're full of zdoomisms, mostly a few lifts that aren't tagged properly, and one lights-on special in front of the red door. There is also a certain amount of what I shall call doombuilderisms - not bugs, but overzealous detailing, use of borders on sectors, panels on walls etc. All the stuff Doombuilder makes it easy to do but doesn't really add much to the map overall.

Revenge of the Kunun If you've never killed a cyberdemon with a rocket launcher, here's your chance!