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Clock and Bulb Enumeration (2007 remix)

It's a year since the infamous Clock and Bulb Enumeration post. Let's see what's changed:

I feel inexplicably that things have improved since then?

How to give yourself heart failure changing a watch battery

While trying to take some pictures of a lunar eclipse (and failing miserably to get anything decent) I had absent-mindedly pressed the light button again, like that time at the cinema. This time the battery drain was too much and the thing was completely dead.

I wasn't really bothered initially. Fortunately I could steal a replacement out of an otherwise useless christmas present, and I've had the back off it before, I've got this absolutely miniscule screwdriver from somewhere or other that does the job nicely.

However when I put it back together I nearly had a heart attack because whenever I pressed any of the buttons the entire display scrambled itself. I thought I'd just broken one of my most precious possessions.

Feeling rather hopeless I took the back off again, but somehow realised I'd failed to sufficiently tighten some of the tiny screws inside the watch that held the battery in place. After tightening them again all was well.

This has been another of my interminable stories about apparently breaking electronics and ploughing the depths of despair but somehow managing to come out the other side. I tell you life is like a rollercoaster (sarcasm) (ironically pointing out the obvious) (brackets)