24/04/2007 @15:34:37 ^16:16:10

12 sergeants with one rocket!

That has to be some kind of a record. I suspect however it was as much to do with the author's placement of the monsters than my own ability; I just anticipated the trap and shot at the "sweet spot" before the monsters could move out of position. (The map was Alien Vendetta map10)


Finally got round to this now I have a computer that can run it without losing framerate. It's okay, nothing special. There's obviously masses of detail, but it doesn't seem to add much - many of the rooms are still, well, just rooms. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that there isn't a great deal of interconnection. The number of gargoyle faces was a bit too much as well, especially since they all look like switches!

It's aimed at a higher-skilled player so I dropped down a skill level or two. The secrets are a bit annoying because if you leave the start area and following corridor by picking up the SSG, you will miss two of them, and you can't get back up there. There is also a monster that doesn't come out of its teleport holding area.

Still, it's a good map, you can do far worse; but of the three Eaeuro maps I think I prefer Eaeuro02. Furthermore Erik's later work (Scythe, etc.) is so much better.

Link: Eaeuro03