21/08/2007 @07:05:43 ^07:56:48

More of those maps from last time

Decadence Highly detailed techbase map, with a dark and oppressive atmosphere. Well, that's one way of looking at it. Another is it's a bunch of hyperdetailed corridors. The monster density is low, but so is ammunition. It reminds me of Hellcore 2.0 in a way. The big fight at the end was frustrating, and I didn't bother to finish it before diving for the exit.

In A World Another Chris Hansen map, this time an attempt to mimic Doom 2's rather mixed texturing scheme, so it's pretty messy, but deliberately so. This map goes on forever and is quite difficult, and there's more than a couple of annoying bits, but I really like how it all connects together - this is one of Hansen's definite strengths as a mapper - and the final third of the map makes it worth it. Just could do with more ammunition...

Reanimated Two maps from the brothers Abharim who made such things as Congestion Control.

Summary: decent wad if you can ignore the authors' fondness for Linkin Park!

Azagthoth 12 maps of old school style action! This is a wad by a first-time mapper who starts out showing a great deal of promise but I think he runs out of ideas and reverts to rooms and halls by the end. Most of these maps are easy and I did them from a pistol start on the first attempt. Map02 is probably the best one. There are a few mistakes like monsters in void space and an obvious misunderstanding of the way the linedef/sector tagging system works.

BloodRust 11 small detailed techbases and one secret castle-style map. Mostly under 100 monsters, although the later ones start to increase in size. I'm not sure what port this is intended for as a couple of places seem to require jumping. Map10 especially has a couple of bugs, a door that doesn't open and some apparently deliberate false walls inside of another door. I don't know. I haven't yet finished the last two maps, I'm stuck at the start of the final one, with no ammunition. This wad is good, but there is evidence of lack of testing, and I'm not sure.