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Another map by Chris Hansen, author of CH_Retro, High/Low etc. It's episode 1 style and quite small but really rather good. One thing I noticed was many of the walls are not parallel to the axes. This is quite hard to do without it looking bad. It is also extremely well balanced. There's just enough health/ammo for all the monsters on UV, you finish with basically nothing left over. However it manages to do this without forcing you to play stingily. It's very replayable.

If this map has one gameplay fault, it's that two of the three secrets require inordinate amounts of backtracking to get. Highly recommended nonetheless.

Links: Author's website, WADs in progress (It's not in /idgames right now)

Hell Revealed map09

Some time ago I wrote

I've done 1-8, 10, and 12, on a proper skill level. Of the others I think 9 might be possible if I got really good with the berserk box, and 21 might be possible because the entire level's weapons and ammunition supply is at the start.

I guess I have improved with the berserk box, because I did map09 yesterday. The last time I managed to add to the list (Hell Revealed map on UV, 100% kills, from pistol start) was I think sometime in 2001*. So yes, pretty happy about that.

* some hours of searching my diary later, it turned out to be 20th September