07/08/2003 @22:56:18 ^01:41:41


First there were people who can't take the hint when you don't reply to their emails. But what about when someone who clearly never wanted to see you ever again when you last knew them five years ago suddenly decides to contact you? Damnit I even got a letter, which I didn't read, despite the fact that the answer is probably in there.

Over half the sites on snafu

Oh well, screw it and screw them. Quite frankly it wasn't worth getting snafu working again.

I've changed the stuff in the menu on the right again. In particular I fixed the bug in the archive index code that caused the link to the new month's archives to be incorrectly output when the last entry was before 5am on the 1st. Clicking on the link (correctly) resulted in a blank page being generated. Also it's now easier to highlight releases of new tracks if I ever get round to uploading any more.

I sleep during the hours most people in the UK work. I spend most of the awake-and-wishing-I-wasn't time lurking on SA. Therefore I'm there when it's busiest, so I get to see more of the funny stuff when it happens, rather than when it's dropped all the way down to page 7. That's one reason why I rarely update this site. "I read these threads today: ..."

Having said that I missed all the drama here the other day because it apparently happened around lunchtime when I was asleep.

Finally, some more Doom maps

PS Last year it was the fence; this year the father is apparently going to attempt to fix up our run-down garden shed. This process is supposed to begin tomorrow. I hope it won't involve anything like the fence panel incident last year. I'll probably be asleep anyway. I hope I will be.