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Doom (2005)

I saw the film. Now I'm going to spoil it for anyone who hasn't.

I saw it in an almost empty cinema on the last day it was open. That was good. I'm glad I didn't miss its closing date, and of course I like empty cinemas. The fewer people around making me self conscious, the better.

On the other hand while waiting for it to start I pressed the light button on my watch. To my horror the resulting power drain pushed the battery over the edge and the display got all scrambled. This could really have ruined my day as my watch is 16 years old and I'd hate for something to happen to it. However after I got home I managed to get the back off - I'm surprised I had a screwdriver small enough - and found there was a reset button which put it right.

The reason I just wrote out that anecdote was that it was as relevant to the film as the plot of the film was relevant to the game.
No, no, that was a cheap joke. See the thing is I liked this film, unlike, as it would seem, nearly everyone else. The fact is I like terrible action / SF / fantasy / horror / whatever films. The more excessive gore, violence, swearing etc, the better.

Let's make a list of points I laughed at or otherwise found noteworthy

Nevertheless like I said I enjoyed Doom and embarrassing as you might think it is to admit I'm glad I went to see it. Just to confirm my monumental sadness I'll leave you with a few more references I spotted. Obviously most of the game references were to Doom 3 but there were a few from the original era...