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This is the first in a series of back-dated site updates that have only just got around to being published

Nothing Is Ever Satisfactory

Roughly every year or so I decide some aspect of my system is totally retarded and needs redoing. For example this time round I decided

So if I'm going to repartition the entire disc and change the type of the root filesystem I need to copy the whole system to a different disc and boot off that, but would involve swapping hard discs around and generally having to make too much effort. Instead I looked into live CDs and found System Rescue CD. The site says one of its aims is carrying out administrative tasks such as partition editing, and its kernel comes with stuff like LVM, so it seemed ideal. I downloaded it and found it was based on Gentoo, which is not what I'm used to but it wasn't too much of a problem. All distributions have the same basic GNU stuff.

Also it's no good if your disc fails and you lose both your live system and your backups because they're on the same disc, is it? So I put in an order for another disc. When this arrived and I had put everything on caco into archives and checked them several times I finally powered it off.

Anyhow I'm going on way too much here, all you need to know is it worked

There were minor problems but they were dealt with

The last one had me stumped for a while, I thought, how on earth can I fix this easily, but thank goodness it didn't take long to fix manually with a couple of careful find commands. Now all I have to do is upgrade to Sarge...