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I found this in my stockpile of scrap paper. It's a letter to parents from school, dated 18th November 1996:

Dear Parents,

You have recently received a letter from Mr. Charles Leonard, Chairman of Governers, and many of you will have seen the rhetoric in the Coventry Evening Telegraph or heard of the silly anonymous letters being circulated.

As the Governer elected by the Parents of King Henry VIII pupils to represent their views, I can be contacted on [there was a phone number here but I removed it] if any Parent wishes to discuss any genuine concerns.

If Parents would like the opportunity to attend an Open Meeting with the Governers will they please return the slip below when, depending on numbers, a date could be arranged.

Yours sincerely,

Jeanette Jackson.

Rhetoric! Anonymous letters! I wish I could remember what the hell this letter was all about! But, it was probably really dull! However, I found the use of the word "silly" to be comical and also enjoyed the way they capitalise "Parents", "Governers", "Open Meeting" etc. (but not "pupils", obviously) It's so poncy!