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This is the third in a series of back-dated site updates that have only just got around to being published

172.21 Is Easier To Type Than 192.168

So yeah, eventually we get to the upgrading of caco to Debian Sarge. Right off I'd like to say this went a lot better than when I did baron. Whether this was due to the prior experience, or the simple fact that the class of open source software you'd find on a file server is just better than the class of open source software you have on desktops, is unknown. Anyway I sorted just about all the issues with baron's upgrade, or simple became accustomed to the changes.

Of course, one obvious issue is that unlike Woody, Sarge has no security updates yet. I put off upgrading for ages because of this. But, other people seem to get away with connecting a Sarge box to the internet, so I figured, what the hell. Hey, if the worst happens and caco gets cracked, who wouldn't find the irony eye-poppingly hilarious? I know I would!

As usual what I do when I upgrade a Debian box is I have a piece of paper and whenever the dist-upgrade process spits out an warning I write it down. Terminal flow control (^S/^Q or scroll lock if it works) helps here. Then I go through the list afterwards. The list mostly consists of merging changes into configuration files, anyway. There were only two things that were sufficiently nontrivial that I can actually remember them as I write this:

Oh yeah, I changed my network numbering scheme at the same time.