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Everybody go and vote tomorrow

I don't care who you vote for but you are a hypocrite and have no right to complain about the government if you don't take each and every legitimate opportunity to go and do something about it.

Aphorisms on being blown up by cyberdemons

Okay here is a hopefully brief review of Kama Sutra. I played this megawad using lots of savegames and carrying ammo forward, although I think the intention is that you play each level from scratch. But, who cares.

The maps have a unique feel to them. They are apparently doom2.exe compatible and have been checked for visplane overflows. You'd be forgiven for disbelieving this, though. Nearly all of them have scenery by the bucketloads. Huge expanses of water are common. There are bays, coastlines, the city maps have enormous skyscrapers on the horizon, etc. This sort of atmosphere makes this wad worth playing by itself. There's also lots of realism, fake 3d bridges and other things you can only do with masses of self referencing linedefs, that sort of thing.

The gameplay is pretty hard. Even when you're carrying ammunition forward you're up against it. I admit I skipped a few levels or cheated my way through them. It's Hell Revealed skill level, or often above it. Mostly I only got through with luck and lots and lots of savegames.

In summary, you should play this because apart from one or two points it's up there with the classic "hard" megawads like HR, AV, Scythe, etc. (from all of which it draws influences.) Very good.

PS Oh yeah I forgot they're doing demos for it at a site called Ksutra-N