26/07/2005 @23:14:52 ^00:45:52

"Hardly enough to fry a cat"

My mother's opinion of the quantity contained in a bag of Frazzles


No don't get excited, I haven't released anything. I just fixed the scripts on dog following its disk upgrade on Sunday. The file script has in fact been broken since early June when cron-apt upgraded perl from 5.6 to 5.8. And I never noticed. Oh well.

I fixed the tracklist so it has mp3 links again but I took down the DSyms because they are useless to everyone else.


Here is a link to oliford's blog. I doubt linking to it here will get it updated again, though. Also I would put it on snafu but E-lab seem to be too lazy to do Last-Modified http headers (grumble)

You Only Live Twice was on TV a few days ago and I watched the end of it. Having seen it turned into a Doom map over the last 12 months, seeing the film version again was... interesting