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Seriously much as I can't stand her Lahndahn Ghetto Slum The BBC Think These People Are So Cool They Gave Them Their Own Radio Station boyfriend, can she go one episode without picking up some guy?

I told them I'd see it when it came on TV

Hahaha well after that I finally saw the first Lord Of The Rings movie and it was pretty daft. Let's avoid the obvious jokes (Agent Smith, hobbit sexual chemistry, the number of "r"s in "Mordor", etc.) I was most struck by the big fiery eye of Sauron thing, because if you remember last year I mentioned an enormous map called Deus Vult. Well, right at the end of that you shoot this great big eye on a tower and I guess this movie is where they got the idea from because it's identical and I recognised it instantly, even from that tiny flash you get at the start where Gandalf goes to pick the ring up.

I kind of want to read the books again now but I also know they'll be boring as shit and I'll regret it.

The name of the map, in ASCII, is <|>

Speaking of Doom I finished Kama Sutra the other day. I can't decide if I think the final level is hilarious or sad, but never mind. A lot of the levels had incredible architecture and were really well done, I mean if you like scenery this shit has it by the bucketload, and there was lots of fake realism as well (you know, where you put in lots of detail to make a map that looks like something in real life. There was one level in a sport centre, for example)

I should do a proper level by level thing, it does deserve it.

If I could think of an interesting title I'd have used it

I switched snafu from sqlite 2 to sqlite 3 earlier. It took about 4 minutes and was really easy, which was typically the case for anything that I put off for weeks and weeks because I think things are going to break horribly. I hope no problems have been noticed.