04/08/2005 @11:33:53 ^12:00:39


Made you look!


Here are some Doom demos from "the vaults"

Remember to play demos you do

prboom -file whatever.wad -playdemo whatever.lmp

(or -timedemo or -fastdemo) And if you think it's funny that I was playing on HNTR, you try running eaxt on UV...


Oh I tried to make snafu read and write rss files. This didn't go too well. Why does it have to store datestamps in human-readable form? You're meant to feed these stupid files into an rss reader aren't you? Also, I found there are supposedly over half a dozen different versions of rss and they're all mutually incompatible, due to stupid companies playing politics. Netscape involved in a browser extension war again! Well I never! Bunch of idiots

The Mulldoon Legacy

I hate this game, it's far too hard. I even screw it up when following the walkthrough. Is it possible to repeat the boat ride or something? I forgot to grab the pipe to get into the hermit's cell, and now I can't find another way in.