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Following on from 1111111111: Tomorrow morning at 5:55am and 33.33 seconds, it will have been 333333333333 centiseconds since the start of the RISC OS epoch.

RISC OS doesn't work like UNIX:

OSepoch startunitsstored as a
UNIX1970secondssigned 32-bit integer
RISC OS1900centisecondsunsigned 40-bit integer

RISC OS's millennium bug will occur in 2248 (4th June, at 6:57am, 57.75 centiseconds to be exact)

Quite why it is a 5 byte number is something of a mystery, other than being inherited from the BBC micro. This didn't have a real-time clock but did have a timer that started from zero on power-up. If it were only 4 bytes, it would only be about 6 weeks before it wrapped and I suppose they thought it was conceivable that a computer might be left on that long. And of course it wouldn't make the code to increment the counter any more complicated; since the BBC micro only had 8 bit registers, you'd have to go

So the only change in the code would be the comparison to work out when to stop this loop, after byte 3 or byte 4.

DISCLAIMER: I have no experience of RISC OS 4 or anything about developments in RISC OS in the past half decade, and in particular I don't know if they still measure the time in this way, or if they switched to UNIX epochs or whatever. I would be quite surprised if it had been changed though.