12/10/2005 @21:49:24 ^22:09:24

I don't feel like writing a proper update but here's two things:

  1. At some point in the near future I will be taking my shit off the internet for hardware upgrades and general screwing about. Possibly tomorrow lunchtime, or afternoon, for a few hours or more. I don't know. Who cares? At least there's some forewarning for a change! This is predictably related to last month's shenanigans (I wish I could remember it is e, a, i, a, without having to look it up.)
  2. aosaaf, my staff account, is about to expire! Oh well I always knew this would happen one day. But I don't think I really use mimosa all that much these days, so I hope losing access to it again won't be such a thing this time. I like to hope I've moved on but then they say you never know what you've lost until it's gone so I'll probably hate this post in a few months' time!

Goodnight everybody!