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I want to market a flatulence cure called "No More Whiffs from Butts"

this host-your-own malarky isn't infallible

First I spend all last evening fighting with connection instability like you wouldn't believe, 75% packet loss to the first hop, round trip times on remote ssh connections of four minutes, then at about 5:45am the local substation decides to shut itself down and it takes the electricity people (or some subcontractor) over an hour to get it back up again. The UPS valiantly held out for 40 minutes after I turned off everything nonessential - not that it mattered, because the cable modem lost its signal as soon as the power went out - but eventually I had to switch off caco as well. Sorry. I wasn't very happy either.

wads you should download RIGHT NOW

I've mentioned both of these before but I don't care

The former, just because it's that sort of map like Blastem2 where you've got basically a huge open area with a few buildings and structures to go into to fetch keys from. As you do this it fills the place up with monsters. It's castle themed and so there's crap like banquet halls and stables and a jousting arena. The only problem with this map is that its way too hard and trying to play it without savegames on most skill levels won't get you very far, so I can't make demos for it.

Kama Sutra, I still haven't finished, I've just finished map 18 which was an open complex fortress in a valley type thing inspired by Alien Vendetta 6/24, I mean it's one of those maps where you can still get lost even though you've been running round it for an hour. I skipped the secret levels due to 31 being way too hard and I also sadly skipped 17 because it was a shitty puzzles map. But the previous maps have some of the most amazing scenery and height variation and all that kind of immersive crap that I get really excited about. Mostly it's not been too hard so far because although opposition is tough there's tons of ammo and I'm carrying it forward. I don't think I could do this shit from pistol starts.


I think I'm getting pretty good at darts, but then if I played it in front of people you'd never guess because I'd get all self conscious and fuck up. But I've hit 1, 2, 3 etc up to 20 in 32 darts and I've thrown a couple of 140s and can fairly often hit the doubles (although I still get stuck in double one sometimes) It's just practice anyway

Damnit I'm sure there was something else I wanted to go on about but I can't remember it. Oh well here you go