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It's here, the epoch time is 1111111111, and you're looking at my site's new location rjy.ath.cx! It is now hosted on my own connection under a sort of banner which is called troa.ath.cx. Check it out, at last I can do all sorts of crap I've always wanted to do! Hell, this is why I bought caco in the first place!


As you might have noticed there have been some changes. Here is a list of all the ones I've done I can remember off the top of my head and can be bothered to write down

Also (having missed getting my site up for its birthday last month I was sort of waiting for this) happily I got another free speed increase from ntl just this evening. In particular instead of having 128kbit of upload I have 200kbit! Hooray, more upload! At last! It's still nothing like a real web server but I'm not hosting much beyond text here so with any luck you won't notice too much. (I've also got 2048kbit down instead of 750kbit. There's some sort of daily limit on this but I've been testing and I never get anywhere near it, so I don't care. You too could get this if you're stuck on ntl. Here are some links: announcement on cable forums (hey I could have got this for my birthday if I'd known about it!!) ntlworld upgrade page ntlworld upgrade page for cable modems (if you have a set-top box it may need replacement) the page where you type your password in to get all this shit)

While we've been off the air I wrote a large number of updates, none of which were actually written on the date they say they were written and most of which I suspect nobody will read. But, here's the links anyway.

Finally these are the things I still have to do