19/08/2005 @19:39:45 ^20:21:33


This is a small script that generates a blank to-do list. The idea is that you generate one and fill it in with a text editor. Then you just delete the date off the top line as time passes. Apparently this works better than any fancy appointments software. I don't know, I don't have any deadlines or appointments so I don't use it. The design is due to Spark so ask him.

Unnecessary background: I wrote this thing in perl about three months ago. It was 10 lines long. I more than doubled its size by making it into a CGI script (the extra bits were for spitting out an HTML form and interpret the submissions to it. Did I mention I hate writing form input validation code?) It was still less than a quarter of the size of the same program in C which just goes to show you're meant to choose the language to fit the task not the other way round. Anyway I didn't just want to leave this half-arsed cgi script up when I have a whole server with a perl interpreter in it. But since I don't know the mod_perl API as well as I might I never got round to converting the script into a proper handler. Yes I know I could just use ModPerl::Registry or whatever it's called but that's cheating! But anyway I heard he was complaining about the fact that I deleted the original off my webspace so I've done it properly now.