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I must have eaten like a week's worth of food today somehow. I don't get it, I've been a lot hungrier than usual these past few days

slight crisis

Here's the main things I've done with prboom

Now here's the problem. I realised that I shouldn't be doing this shit in the stable release. It should be a patch against the development version. So I think I'll have to do all the work again! Oh well it should be easier since now I've done it once already...


"TEI TENGA" is a small map utilising Boom features that was released a few years ago. Somewhat suspiciously it was released mere days before another wad with the same name, a multileveled partial conversion for ZDoom, which at the time was highly anticipated. Whether this is pure coincidence or a clever troll is something that is lost to the mists of time.

The map itself is pretty easy. There are no large monsters, although resources are fairly scarce and I came close to dying especially in the initial parts of the map. It is mainly noteworthy for its visuals. It is full of glowing lights, scrolling walls, and huge gaps in the floor that aren't really gaps, you just walk on thin air instead. That was most disconcerting. There is one secret which you will only find with a lot of luck, or foreknowledge (I needed an editor) However I rather liked the view outdoors; if you look carefully there is a radio mast, with one of those red flashing lights to warn low flying aircraft, on top.

In summary this is a simple map that disguises its simplicity with abundant use, even overuse, of Boom specials and crowded texturing.