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all the way to the bottom of the hill

what to talk about

So I heard again my site is boring and dull and I should stop writing about technical boring dull shit dull crap boring yeah okay. Oh and I was forbidden from writing about "depressing stuff" as well. I thought I'd do an update about how when I walk past somebody and you know you catch their eye and you have to do that awkward half smile and it's so EMBARRASSING that your BUTTOCKS CLENCH UP and it takes like a whole minute of concentrating to unclench them but I didn't know how to work it into a story so I'll just mention it.

Also some people from my school have suddenly took it into their heads to email me. Damnit I thought I was shot of you people years ago, leave me alone, I don't want you overachieving smug egomaniacs to see the wreck I have become. OH SHIT SORRY NO DEPRESSING STUFF oh hey didn't I say something similar two years ago?

Oh one piece of good news Digitally Imported has a drum and bass channel now. When I decided to investigate it a few months ago I thought it notably lacked breakbeat channels, so yeah it's getting good now I guess. Even if, as expected, most of the stuff they play is the kind of dark tech stuff. Guys you need to play more liquid and jazz flavours. More melody and stuff. I don't know. Total Science are really good!

I'd do some Doom reviews but I can't be bothered. I'll just mention the thing I'm currently in the middle of playing, a new megawad called Kama Sutra. I'm up to about map 8 or 9 or so. The title screen is quite explicit. The maps have a unique style of being very small and detailed and extremely cramped, but at the same time they are made extremely large with huge areas of sea that you can see out of windows and stuff. The contrast is quite bizarre and if the text file didn't go on about trying to avoid visplane overflows I'd be very confused. But that's the reason, they're trying to make detailed maps that don't break doom2.exe. It's pretty strange, you wouldn't think maps could be both cramped and open at the same time but there you go. Oh and it's by and for the demo runners so it's hard. Even though I'm playing it with ammo carried forward and lots of savegames there's still lots of potential death. Oh well, maybe I'll do a level-by-level thing later.