02/01/2004 @07:32:55 ^08:10:00

oh my gods first update of new year!!

shut the fuck up

wow, those alarm clocks are good

I set my clocks to go off at 9am. They woke me up at... 6am.

Well, I woke up of my own accord at 6am having had about four hours sleep. I'm just glad I don't have to go back to work until Monday

No, asshat, you will have to reboot it

I'd repartitioned my spare hard disc and was trying to make mke2fs recognise the new partition table without rebooting the whole system, by screwing with hdparm options marked in the manual page as "do not use this option"

Don't try it, kids. One by one my rxvts stopped responding and eventually all of X froze too. baron was responding to pings from caco (having two boxes is great isn't it) but I couldn't ssh into it. Eventually I had to kick the reset button. Oh well, it's all fine now.


CC2 is off to a bright start. Doomworld have set up a forum for it. The more experienced mappers seem to have got more done on their maps in a couple of days than I have in a year. That's also due to the fact that all these fucking Windows based editors make it really easy to do all the tedious shite that Yadex makes you do manually. Everyone raves about Doom Builder since it came out a few months ago. Even I got interested when I heard about it. Then I realised that there wasn't a hope in hell there was a Linux version. I was right. It was a good few seconds though.

Oh well no-one's objected to my participation in spite of as yet totally unproven mapping ability (unless they have since last night, I haven't checked the forums today) and at least I'm nowhere near the biggest idiot ahahaha


Hell Revealed 2, the full version came out yesterday and as expected it's really fucking difficult even on the lowest skill level but having got into the demo release over the past six months or so I am loving it nonetheless.

I got 104 out of 368 kills on map15 on HNTR and I thought I was doing really well!