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jetsetting ponce, fat podgy vagrant, crazed druggie, bearded faggot

inclusion of "miserable drop-out" was "debatable"


castle.swf We wasted a few hours playing this the other day. Here are my tips


It has come to my attention that some idiots have misinterpreted my last post as an admission that I am scared of spiders. This is broadly not the case. However there can be included amongst the things I am scared of the following:

There is a subtle but irreconcilable difference, in the same way that there is such between not regretting something wonderful happening but regretting that it ended.


ntl customers finally got that promised speed increase; but I still say I'd prefer more upstream than more downstream. I think there must be fewer people on the 150K(300K) service and the 1M(1.5M) service than the 600K(750K) service as they got bigger increases.

Oh who cares. I still think people who shift more bandwidth above a certain limit should pay more though. Why should I pay a higher flat rate, so you can download more porn? And why do all the yank faggots pay so little for their internet? Fuck this country.