28/06/2004 @22:42:03 ^23:52:14




As I may have promised ages ago, here is the reverse (that is, black on white) colour scheme I made for PuTTY to make it less obvious you have it open on a typical windows desktop.

Colour nameRedGreenBlue
Default Foreground000
Default Foreground (bold)00100
Default Background250250250
Default Background (bold)200200225
Cursor Text250250250
Cursor Colour00100
ANSI Black250250250
ANSI Black (bold)200200225
ANSI Red200150150
ANSI Red (bold)250100100
ANSI Green100200100
ANSI Green (bold)5015050
ANSI Yellow1501000
ANSI Yellow (bold)150500
ANSI Blue125150250
ANSI Blue (bold)50100200
ANSI Magenta200150200
ANSI Magenta (bold)200100200
ANSI Cyan0150200
ANSI Cyan (bold)0100150
ANSI White000
ANSI White (bold)00100


Finally, if you have access to the registry on your computer you might be able to paste in the following extract into the relevant part of an exported registry file. Be careful when you do this. I would advise making a new session in PuTTY, saving it, then doing the relevant registry export and doing the replacement in there. The registry section you're looking for will be something like "HKEY\BLAH\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\Sessions\reversed" where BLAH might be ALLUSERS or LOCALMACHINE or some random string of characters or god only knows what Windows does here, just search for it okay, and reversed is whatever you called the session.


Then obviously you have to re-import the file back into the registry, and restart PuTTY. Enjoy!