29/05/2004 @22:39:39 ^23:31:45

"Having a degree just means you can get rejected by a higher class of employer"

What not to say to a colleague whose daughter has just finished her finals

this time last week I was making myself ill

Yeah last week I went to a barbecue. I took drinks with me. Nobody told me there was going to be pubs as well. I ended up having far too much to drink and reverting to "Oh look here's a girl let's hug her" mode. Oh well I managed to win one of the weird games of darts and half a game of pool. I like darts and pool and don't get to play them often enough.

I just wish I could find some medium between "sober and totally unable to talk to anyone" and "roaring and embarrassingly ratted". Sorry guys

Athlon XP 2500+ 1.83GHz

triv.org.uk was down for ages. Now it's back up with some wild new hardware. I thought it was way overspecified for just shells and dns and a web server but hey. Maybe I'm just jealous that it's faster than my own machine.

The speed of most machines these days is limited more by the speed of their network connection than anything else anyway. I doubled the speed of the processor in my desktop computer and the only time I notice it is during long computationally intensive tasks like compiling kernels or playing extremely large Doom maps.

work sucks balls

Oh god I haven't written about work for ages. It's so dull. I mean, really, really dull. I hate it. A couple of hours feels like a day. I want to finish what I'm doing so I can leave, but it's so dull I do it really slowly. Having PuTTY open helps but only when IRC is busy, which as the term wears on, is becoming less and less often.

I developed a colour scheme for PuTTY which makes it less obvious you're running it. It's black text on a white background and the colours are more pastel. It's not perfect. There are a couple of colour combinations where the foreground is nearly invisible on the background. But it's good enough.

You may recall I was saying about checking scans off a bunch of CDs and lots of disc swapping was involved. Now I was told the other week that although the CDs hadn't been indexed into the database their contents had been transferred to the network. This puzzled me as the reason I'd been faffing around with disc swapping was entirely because the discs weren't on the network. But since I've had the discs all this time, it means that they were put on the network since before they were given to me. This really sucks. I'd been getting really annoyed with constant disc swapping for nothing. It's my stupid fault I should have looked harder. But I take everything my superiors tell me as absolutely correct because they're my superiors and I'll get in trouble if I show them up as wrong. Which never happens because they're always right. Oh god I have no will of my own.

The Simpsons and Channel 4

It's finally happened. The Simpsons has gone from BBC2. It will reappear on prime-time Channel 4 in November or something. That's it. It's over. I can't watch shit on Channel 4. Even if I could ignore those godsawful T4 presenters who will undoubtedly swamp the broadcasts with shit, I can't ignore Channel 4's "quantum randomness" scheduling department. I've already missed more South Park, Futurama, Family Guy etcetc than I care to think about because of those guys and now they're going to do the same to what is probably my favourite TV show ever. Oh well I guess at least it happened after it got mainstream and really shit.

To be quite honest I haven't watched any TV this year, apart from Stargate SG1. That was on Channel 4 as well but in a rare display of consistency it was shown on Sunday afternoons within some two or three hour window.

"I am coming to visit soon. Are you going to hide from me?"

She has returned from the empty void of foreign lands into which I had hoped she had disappeared forever. She mentioned this would be the other day. She led the question. She just wanted to hear my inevitable scream of anguish to be outraged. And after last week when we'd managed to talk for considerable time without my becoming agitated, I thought I was making progress.

I guess even without the led question I'd have liked to see her again. But it'd be like Idiot Brigade Central. She is one thing, the light at the top of the tower that shines so brightly it burns to touch. But they are something else. The stuff of twisted, screaming anger and torment.

laffo what the hell did I just say hahahahaha