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bonfire night more like bangfire night

I should have saved this quote for today

I would rather drink a beer than win father of the year

I finished doing Alien Vendetta from pistol starts on HNTR. I don't think I can be arsed to write a review. Come on, it's 32 maps, I'll be here all day and you wouldn't read it. It's one of those map sets everybody should play anyway. That said it's not brilliant, some of the later maps are a bit sprawling and I felt went on for too long. As a humourous aside it's quite easy to see how much inspiration Deus Vult took from the final maps in AV.

I've moved onto the original Community Chest megawad. It varies, a lot, as you'd expect from a compilation made this way with relatively little collaboration on maps. I dare say the sequel will be similar. No, it's not out yet. Anyway in the original I got past map 6 at last, then having previously done 7, I skipped 8 and 9 and am now up to 12 or so (4, 8 and 9 are from Redux, about which at the time I remember thinking would need to have ammunition carried forward to have any chance to succeed on the later levels. Imagine, you have 20 shells and a shotgun, not much health, and 8 revenants come out of the walls in a small area with hardly any room to dodge. You need a bigger gun)