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productivity, n.: the advocacy of duct tape
heuristics, n: the study of whores in France

the only thing better than doom is doom on a 20" screen

I've said loads of times that most of the reason I run X is that I can have 4 80x24 terminals open on the same screen. I've also said lots of times that "wouldn't it be good if I could do 1600x1200 so I could get 9 open without overlapping"

Plans have been in place since Christmas. That is, I rearranged the work surface from

[a3010] [baron] [riscpc] [stereo]

where the spaces were at most a couple of inches, to

[a3010]       [baron]    [riscpc]

with the stereo up on the shelf with its speakers. It being up there required a certain amount of bodging as it overhung the shelf quite dangerously. In the end I swiped a tray from the kitchen to use as a support. I'm looking for a correctly shaped piece of wood or something with which to replace the tray.

Anyway the point was that the size of the gap was such that a very large replacement could be installed where baron's monitor was positioned. However the christmas holidays ran out and typically I started putting off buying anything as it is impossible to receive when you're out all day.

However, on Saturday I saw a used iiyama VM506 on dabs. All that was apparently wrong with it was that it had been opened. I went "oh fuck it" and put the order in (ref. "Damn Huge Monitor") In a strange piece of luck, Parcel Force didn't even attempt to deliver it until quarter to six this evening, by which time we were both home from work.

So here I am, with a 21" monitor. I've rigged up baron's old monitor to the A3010, so finally the crappy black and white tv can go back to being just a tv again, at least for a while. But, I still have things to sort out. For example, I might not even run it at 1600x1200 as the terminals are a little on the small size...