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I am a huge faggot! I made this because I have no will of my own and I just copy what everyone else does to fit in! Please laugh at me

we must be freeeeee we're going to a better place

Okay so about my shitty job it seems putting it in writing did the trick and they're letting me leave. I mean yeah okay I'm a lazy git but having no income's better than sitting five days a week in some huge building with faulty air conditioning sitting around waiting for people to give me boring tasks like filing.

Various people I hardly know have come up to me going "oh I heard you're leaving" and indeed one woman said so was her secretary and somebody else and would I like to..? I was like, uh, thanks but no thanks.

I might as well stay on Unitemps but apply for stuff that looks more technical or if I really want some more money not get roped into staying in the same place for nine godsforsaken months oh man nine months christ alive


caco disappeared off the internet earlier today and I discovered it had fallen victim to a powercut whose characteristics had caused both baron and the cable modem to fail to reinitialise afterwards. baron was especially scary as I pressed the power button and nothing happened. I thought its mainboard had been fried but it was okay after I turned the PSU off for about two minutes.

Once again I find myself needing a UPS. Well, I've always needed one, but I never get round to buying one because it raises all sorts of issues with the very functions my machines provide:

What to do, what to do

PS wow just wow, it's been ages since I did an update after midnight