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Away in a MSNger
no crib for a bed
our little lord Jesus
was groomed by paedophiles in a chatroom


Yeah I've been mainly working on Elixir and not had time to been arsed to write site updates. It's finished though so if you want to beta test it drop me a line. HOWEVER:


This won't make much sense if you haven't read Errant's The Unfortunate Demise Of Urchin #n series, which you should go and do now because it's very funny (not to mention well-drawn, because coming from her you'd expect it to be)

Anyway I had thought up my own storyline and, having starred - and been eaten (!) - in #4 I decided I should do something about it. It's way too similar to #1 to be a sequel so I thought I should make it myself rather than pitch it as an idea for #6 or #7 or whatever (besides, half the point is that it is hash-420.) Here:

The Unfortunate Demise Of Urchin #420

I think she liked it anyway.


This wasn't planned to be the next record that I released but fate has forced my hand.

Last week I got an email about one of my records. Again. This time it was regarding FireCarols99, the so-called "remix and remix of remix" record I did over five years ago. But it was from the guy who made the originals! Sheesh!

Anyway he wanted to hear what I'd done to his record so he says "Are there any DSym players for Linux" (he's obviously moved on from RISC OS, I can't blame him really) to which the only response can be "Don't get me started!" He goes on to say "or do you have an MP3" which I do so here:

FireCarols99 (text)

Don't read the text though, it was written by a faggot. All you need to know is that in 1994 I got this comedy Christmas record off a magazine cover disc. It was a bit stupid but had a load of really good samples, including one of the best pianos I've ever heard. It was a reworking of a track the same guy had done earlier in the year. Fast forward five years to 1999 when I finally found said original track, named "Burning Like Fire", on the internet. It was way better than I could have imagined, and I was compelled to remix both of them, again. (I've used bit of Carols 94 in various ancient tracks and probably unreleaseable tracks)

It's another record made to my formula, 15 minutes long, heavily breakbeat happy hardcore. Perhaps a bit more old school than usual, I don't know, that's just what somebody said to me once. It was made before I started including garage into the formula, anyway. There's a lot of 1994 jungle about it. Horrible abuse of stereo positioning.