01/02/2004 @17:09:16 ^22:10:22

snow more like NO!

in after it taking an hour and three quarters to get home and we were lucky! People only like snow because they remember it fondly from their childhood and the pictures on Christmas cards.


Stop the presses. I am issuing the following statement about events surrounding the mass kick from the QuakeNet #warwick this evening. YES FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS IT'S TIME FOR IRC DRAMA!

Everyone else failed to see the funny side, which is why I decided to write this. Let's be fair, there were probably no more than three people (out of a couple of dozen) who knew anything about this until they were unceremoniously removed. But still, once again the humourless morons take the shit way too seriously and get all annoyed.

Coding by idiots for idiots

First of all I had a program that connected to port 19336 on primrose (if I had remembered to run nc -lp 19336 initially), sent the string "FAG" to it and then segfaulted. Now I have a program that connects to port 19336 on primrose and sends "FAG" to it four times and doesn't segfault.

This is what they call progress, I guess. GNet proved useful. It's all very well doing everything yourself but really I know nothing about this crap and I think it would probably be better to start off more high-level.

As an indirect result of this recent spate of coding for cretins, there has been progress in my seemingly never-ending quest for a unix text editor anywhere near as good as Zap on RISC OS was. I installed the following potential wastes of disc space:

I should also mention the current and past stalwarts; Nano, which is good for text files and emails but rubbish for source code; NEdit which would rate highly if didn't require X (recall I discarded XChat for Irssi almost entirely due to the latter being a terminal program) and, Jove, the only excuse for which was that it was way back in the day while I was still a student and I didn't know any better.


Session 16, Voucher 2000. The UW11 credits voucher. Man that took all week to put on. In fact on Monday it felt like I had a day's worth of work off five or six different people. It pretty much worked out that way as well.

Hopefully this week I will be able to say something along the following lines:

There's shit you say you can't do because you've never tried before and you can't therefore say "yes I can do this" in case you let people down, and then there's shit you know you're incapable of. And I don't think they'll fire me because if they were going to they'd have done it already.

Fuck it. If I do get fired, quite frankly, it'll be a relief. I've been getting more and more sick of the place for two or three weeks now.


It's about time I mentioned Doom again. Moon2000 is a single map for Doom 2 running on MAP06. It is a fine example of oversized architecture. That is, it's really, really huge. There's not so much detail but you don't notice that due to the size of everything. High ceilings, massive rooms, wide-open outdoor spaces with mile-long lines of sight, everything is about four times the size of similar objects in more normal-sized maps. As such, it takes a while to traverse and suddenly it no longer seems like the player can run around at ninety miles an hour.

It's epic. The sky texture is blue and beautiful. The gameplay is rather uneven, sometimes you're running and fighting for your life and others you've been running full pelt for ages and have hardly seen a single monster. The secrets also vary, ranging from id-quality setups to "push at the correct place on this unmarked wall" crap.

In summary it has that sense of space, largeness and atmosphere that I really like in a map, and although it's not perfect in some departments I would highly recommend it.