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world's biggest pillow fight

Haven't they got anything better to do?

Let us waste some time by writing a couple of map reviews

I have all but finished replaying Vilecore by doing each map from a pistol start. Memorable maps included

Overall, while not the best map set ever, it is excellent for a 32 level set made by a lone author. I would recommend it. A redesign is in progress to which I am looking forward.

Libr.wad is yet another library for Doom 2. Library maps for Doom 2 are common because all the necessary textures are present in the IWAD. However it turns into a disjoint series of areas in a mixture of themes. It's like an old school map but designed with the kind of detail which modern map editors make easy. It was quite boring to play and required the player to find secret doors to make any progress, which I find distasteful.

Finally I have done a small amount of work on elixir. This is the map I decided to volunteer for the CC2 project, in order to try to motivate myself to finish it. Unsurprisingly this endeavour has failed spectacularly. Now I'm too scared to go back to Doomworld and find out I've been kicked off the team for inactivity.