24/01/2004 @07:58:09 ^08:22:07


Holy shit guys I got so much sleep last night I should do that more often


I added a few more shitty features into sisc including a crude implementation of hangman (crude in both quality of code and in the error messages it returns) and a few other hacks like a 'do' command to make it issue commands directly to the server (/msg sisc do join #testicles)

Then I remembered something I've said a lot in the past: you can code something in a high level memory hogging language if it just runs once and exits, but for long running processes that hang around pretty much indefinitely (i.e. until they crash) you should code in something that doesn't hog system resources so much.

So how do I program internet shit in C? No wait. How do I program at all in C? I pretty much stopped using C when I started on perl two years ago and now I can't remember shit. I didn't even know you couldn't have functions and variables with the same name.


Uh okay I still do cards and now know the ultimate solution to fixing the card printer when it plays up: switch it off, reboot the computer, slap the data cable around a bit, switch it back on again. Also it likes it if you say hi.

I was moved up the office again to a place right next to where I originally was, and thus next to Sparkette who promptly tried to nick my stapler and post-it notes I was like what the fuck bitch get your own.

I had to do some stuff with a spreadsheet and excel corrupted it and I had to type half of it out again but it's done now. They said "we don't need to check this, we trust you" I was like "it's your funeral"

I nearly quit but I didn't.