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baby found in mud

said to be content

Community Chest 2 released

CC2 has come out so you can download from that link I just wrote. I was going to write "CC2 has come out, you can get it from here" but I got "tip of the day: don't use click here as link text" from the w3c validator page yesterday

You can download it if you want I guess. Among other things it features a rare map from the guy who made Equinox, but that isn't a stupid gimmick.


seriously I laughed for about half an hour

She looks thinner, especially around the neck
and blonder, especially around the hair
but blatantly trying to look professional, and not laugh at the camera
she's hardly changed a bit

May we be truly grateful

I've had this cable modem for two years. To commemorate this increasingly bitter and hateful time of alienating every single person I know and losing any ability I might once have had to face the world and generally regressing to the level of a spoiled 13-year old wrapped in cotton wool I'd like to

oh fuck it I'm sleepy