31/10/2004 @21:34:03 ^22:12:51


Almost the entire idiot brigade are having a dirty weekend of drama and faggotry in a disused windmill right now so if anybody wants to, uh, "take care" of them in one fell swoop, now's your chance!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK <Errant> "you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think"


I am halfway through a lot of WADs right now and haven't finished them so can't review them properly. Here are some of them:

Golgotha is one thing I finished. One map, runs on E1M1, made years and years ago with an obviously buggy BSP nodes builder. Easy, looks awful, no real theme, texture misalignments, the lot. It's kind of cramped and the secrets are crap. Passed fifteen minutes though, I guess. Get it if you're really bored.

EDIT Oh, yeah, Community Chest 2, that's supposed to be out today, I forgot. Well, it's not ready yet. See if they'd only got 10 maps it would have been released but they're only 9 maps or so short so they want to hold off for a bit. It's a bit annoying for everybody who worked hard to get their map done on time but I guess it's better in the long run.


Once again I quite failed to go listen to the wind at a crossroads or do anything else stupid but I found these links on slashdot of a pumpkin cut into a cacodemon and another cacodemon and a spiderdemon. The former looks better but was photoshopped apparently. It's still pretty good and at least better than last year's halloween update which just had a link to goatse.cx