25/03/2004 @23:55:10 ^00:44:41


Tracks update: aBoUt tImE! was described as the best thing I've released to date which I guess was nice but also predictable.. Very few people share my view that pushing two hundred beats per minute is any way to do rave stuff. Download them if you haven't already. Also people thought the update about the shrink was funny but that's not surprising because I was pretty much copying the style of writing on Something Awful. I have no imagination.

Other news: in a surprising move Bex resubscribed to the mailing list but as yet there has been no hilarious drama. #warwick on quakenet is as dead as the real one on Astrolink was a year or two ago. Work is as boring as all hell. "___ as all hell" is one of my current favourite catchphrases.

Thus ends one of those crappy updates that doesn't serve any other purpose than to keep the date at the top of the front page at least relatively recent.