25/01/2004 @07:48:59 ^09:01:26

I was concerned that my nose and hands were too large

so I went to a plastic surgeon and asked for a nose and hand job

continuing series of updates at early o'clock

Ages ago I did an update about minesweeper high scores. It used tables with width="100%" in their tags. I had found this stopped the table being repelled by the menu thing on the right. It looked terrible. So, yesterday afternoon, on a whim, I decided to fix it.

However, when I put it back in the database the script changed the upload time! It's only supposed to do that if the time is missing or invalid. It seems the conversion process had many of these old upload times out by a whole day, but because the time part was correct I never noticed.

It's a year since the php site went live. It's been fucked up for all that time and I had no idea! Gods damnit, I was making fun of "Our schedule (for technical reasons) does not currently show programs that begin after 11pm" and then I bloody find this shit.

PS I took The Warwick Job off snafu yesterday after it closed and its owner asked me to do so. That means this site is the only founding site left. Arguably one of the others still exists, but in a completely different form. It became so full of nauseating romantic drivel that I refused to read or link to it.

there goes the freshness of my web pages

rjy@baron:/tmp$ curl -I forums.somethingawful.com
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Via: HTTP/1.1 ntl-site (Traffic-Server/5.2.2-59134 [cMsSf ])

To be honest there was always amazement that I wasn't behind one of NTL's moronic transparent proxies.


socket(); gethostbyname(); connect(); send(); recv(); close(); exit();

I made a program in C that connects to a remote host via TCP. It only took me ten hours! Holy shit. This was very helpful.