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Pick up the cow and throw it through the window

Phobos Outpost

Here we recommend two WADs both called Phobos Outpost. Things these have in common

The first is a single map, running on E1M6. It is architecturally superb, especially the lighting. Darkness sprinkled with pools of light is amazingly atmospheric.

The second is a whole episode of 9 maps of which I've done the first 6. What I've seen so far is heavily inspired by and reminiscent of the original E1 and a number of ancient PWADs, like Serenity. It's pretty simple, that is, there's little in the way of detail correctly aligned textures. But the right idea is there and there's plenty of E1-authentic construction. The middle levels have decently high monster and secret counts and it's all very playable.

Special bonus review! It's not quite E1-style, but it was in last week's newstuff: Lunar Apocalypse is a map set on a space station, quite a lot harder than the previous two due mostly to lack of health and ammunition. It is architecturally well done with decent views of space and the outside of the rectangularly toroid station, in particular of the opposite side (that is through the windows and across the central gap)

If a werewolf jumps on top of your carriage, it will mysteriously burst into flames!

Speaking of flames the most interesting thing that happened last week at work was that the builders downstairs did something and set off the fire alarm. We all dutifully trooped to the nearest fire exit only to find it locked. Hilarious.

If you haven't already guessed from the headings, I went to see Van Helsing yesterday with a few people from the rogue #warwick. Apparently, the wolf actually knocks over an oil lamp, which starts the fire. No explanations have yet been found how they got that far with only four horses (no, wait, transylvanian horses) Plenty of dodgy graphics and unbelievable stunts, which they might have got away with if most of the cast weren't taking it so seriously. Verdict, pretty bad, but that made it very funny.