06/03/2004 @18:50:46 ^19:02:17

Chatlogs are only funny in the "you had to be there" sense

              -!- ^BaBy^^JuL|eT^ [who@] has joined #sisc
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> anybody home???
            <RjY> no
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> :)
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> hehehe
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> im so bored
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> talk to me
            <RjY> why are you named like that
            <RjY> are you a 46-year-old fat guy with a ginger beard
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> shittttttttttt
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> go 2 hell
 <^BaBy^^JuL|eT^> fucking assholes
              -!- ^BaBy^^JuL|eT^ [who@] has quit [Quit: Orbit 
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            <RjY> hahahahahahaha fucking hell