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Okay so where have I been well I got really bored and miserable and depressed and whatever and I ran away from home and I met this girl on Monday and I took her for a drink on Tuesday and WE WERE MAKING LOVE BY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY and nobody got this joke on Sunday

Okay okay I made that up what really happened was that I went on holiday. TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM!! HAHAHA yes well that's not really true either but it's not really false as well and most importantly it's the nearest thing to the truth you are getting

UPS madness

Nothing could be further from the truth, actually, it hasn't gone mad, it still works fine! The other week it woke me up though, yeah, at noon, let me tell you I wasn't impressed. Anyway it was my dad who'd turned off the entire house's power so he could take the bulb off the ceiling in the boiler room* and thus replace the ceiling tiles.

The power was off for about five minutes and nothing was harmed, not even my internet connection. Shame when the power came on though my stereo's presets had all been wiped, I don't know why that was, it's supposed to remember stuff for 24 hours and it usually does. Maybe there's a big spike when you turn the power back on? Well I'm not putting it on UPS power, it's a waste.

* Boiler room okay I don't know what else to call it but our bathroom is in two little bits, the toilet bath and shower are in the main bit but there's a little antechamber with a washbasin and the boiler before it.

Stupidest Email Ever

So I get this mail which starts "I am a speed garage DJ, Record Shop Owner and soon to be Label Manager" When I've stopped laughing I read on "I would like to discuss one of your productions - 'Bex Record' with you"

I'm seriously falling off my chair here folks. Who still calls it Speed Garage? HELLO AND WELCOME TO 1997 Also you could at least get the track name right even if you have to take an interest in a record that I can't stand and almost wish I'd never made.

Needless to say my immediate avoidant instincts were not to reply or do anything, and as usual I went with them. I'm sure if anyone reads this they'll be going on about missing opportunities but really. I've done way better stuff than that thing and the only reason people show an interest in it is because it's got fucking Bex who everybody fucking knows doing fucking vocals on it.

PS Yeah I have an enormous backlog of Doom map reviews to write but I'll do them another time