07/05/2004 @22:42:04 ^23:09:50

welcome to the internet

You need to know that the channel topic is i'm talking to myself on irc, how sad is that

05/07 21:04 - 05/07 21:22
 <goldrun> Not as sad as not even knowing if you are talking.
     <RjY> hello and welcome to the internet how may i help you
 <goldrun> I haven't figured this out yet; sorry for the confusion.
     <Rob> this your first time using irc and you found my shitty channel
     <RjY> hahaha
     <RjY> welcome to the internet indeed
     <Rob> another satisfied customer
 <goldrun> Okay, how do I leave gracefully?
     <RjY> type /part
     <Rob> type /quit
     <RjY> close the window
     <Rob> pull the network cable out the back of the machine
 <goldrun> Thanks.
       -!- goldrun [~goldrun@dpc671420070.direcpc.com] has quit [Quit]
     <RjY> that was weird
     <Rob> yeah
     <Rob> oh well, like i said
     <RjY> another satisfied customer

I suspect he was lying but still