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We're all loved-up here at ntlworld.com this month

more like "we're all on exctasy at ntlworld.com this month" Kiss! Kiss! X.

Enthusiastic innocence used for evil

Everyone hates spam. Not just email spam but the through-the-letterbox kind as well. Now in order to send out such unpleasantness into the world you'll probably need a machine that can put thousands of letters in envelopes very quickly. Today, I met the one up at the university.

I appreciated the way it'd suck in an envelope and an A4 piece of paper, fold the paper, put it in an envelope and seal the envelope, then spit it out with not inconsiderable force. Indeed it didn't go nearly as wrong as all the horror stories I've heard about it would suggest, provided I didn't put too much paper into it.

But as I used it to prepare about five hundred nasty letters addressed to people who owe the university money, on the machine - or one very much like it elsewhere - that could have been used to prepare the university credit card mass mailing I thought all I was doing was helping to raising the level of low-grade nastiness over quite a large area of the country.

In other news I said my lines, got out of the thing I didn't want to do and didn't get fired. So much for all that shit then. In before the next horrible thing goes completely wrong.

The Union's Premiere Dance Event

I went to Quench with people from the internet. If that doesn't give you a sense of dread, it should. There were also people there with whom I lived in 1997, and their friends. Still no sense of dread? You are a stupid moron, with a big butt, and your butt smells, and you like to kiss your own butt.

Anyway we sat in the graduate for a while, talking the kind of stupid nonsense I described as "typical Warwick student, you start with something absurd and take it as far as you can using pedantry and twisted logic" and having drinks. I didn't know they served scrumpy up there.

Eventually we somehow got into the cooler. They wouldn't accept my ancient university card(!) so I had to pay full price. I knew I should have made myself a fake ID but there you go. Various people bought me more drinks. I did the usual thing, flirt with girls I know I have no chance with, tell other girls that they're ugly because their hair is too short, dance like a maniac wearing a stupid hat, be asked if I have any drugs for sale, get into a hilariously screwed up conversation with these two morons going "I KEEELLLL YOOUUUUU", spend half an hour crying my eyes out for no reason and at one point decide to lie on the floor.

Gods that was stupid.


Just after I uploaded the previous entry I was banned for a day. It was boring and stupid and then just like a moron who cares too much I got back in and proceeded to argue the point. I failed to take heed my own oft-spoken mantra "stop taking shit so seriously you idiots"

Still it's all worked out in the end. In before shit starts up again.