02/05/2004 @10:08:37 ^12:06:11

oh ok

Another crappy week gone past. I started off still having no work to do. I think I must have spent nearly two days doing nothing. My sort of new boss goes to me, "just what is it that you do here", and also wonders what that black box that I seem to have open all the time is. It was quite embarrassing to say the least. It turned into one of those horrible conversations about jobs and futures and CVs and ugh.

Eventually I sent off some emails and shit and managed to arrange access to the database of scanned records that I keep going on about. But the latest lot of scans haven't been put into it yet, so I was given the actual CDs from which I could make a start. Of course this means when you have a file it could be on any one of seven discs. I indexed the filenames on the discs to make it easier but the disc swapping is still really annoying. Furthermore, because I've got the discs, they won't get put into the database, so I'm pretty much stuck doing it this way.

Then finally on Friday afternoon there was a drinks reception welcoming everyone to the new building. I was pretty much dragged there. Thanks for forcing me to face my social awkwardness, work. I should get paid extra for this kind of crap. Furthermore, I got a dirty look off the vice chancellor. I reckon he thought I was some random student trying to blag it because I was blatantly the scruffiest person there.

It's a bank holiday this weekend so I get an extra day off. The plan is, finish doing this checking, then see if I can't at least get my hours reduced or something because they quite blatantly don't have enough work for me and I hate all this sitting around waiting for something horrible to happen.