08/01/2004 @21:20:17 ^21:56:50


Use reverse psychology on your brain by deliberately trying to sleep badly

One full quarter of a 32-bit epoch has already gone!

A few years ago nerds around the world celebrated one thousand million seconds since the start of the unix epoch. I missed it. I didn't even have internet access at the time. Also I didn't have a unix machine. I only had RISC OS which instead of measuring seconds from the start of 1970 it measures centiseconds from the start of 1900 (and uses five bytes to do it in)

However, everybody knows that 210n = 103n closely enough that they can steal the SI prefixes* It would be much more appropriate for nerds to celebrate the power of two version. But when would that be?

Well, stoatfuck, I wouldn't be posting this if it weren't just coming up, would I?

rjy@caco:~$ bc -ql
rjy@caco:~$ date -ud '1970-1-1+1073741824sec'
Sat Jan 10 13:37:04 UTC 2004

Bonus points for us all in the GMT timezone - it happens at 13:37, the most elite time of the day! I'm sure some shitbreak has posted this on slashdot already, but happy two to the thirty seconds nevertheless!

* Don't give me any of that kibi/mebi/gibi shit, anyone who says they have 512 MenInBlacks of RAM deserves a slap