18/04/2004 @23:42:16 ^00:11:34

I just can't do it.

I can see how everything goes in, I just can't get it in


Pretty much nothing has happened.

The most interesting thing was getting to see the loft in University House, and that was only because of the remarkable contrast. You have this big office and the hall outside that's all carpets, plants and quiet. Then you go in the lift, turn the key (yeah it's a secret floor that needs a key), the door opens and suddenly it's all noise, dust, and enormous pipes that comprise the air conditioning.

And noticing the place in the lift where someone had written "Old Dave is a twat" was funny.

But it all got old fast as I repeated the journey back and forth with trolleys laden full of decomissioned computers being put into storage. It's very depressing knowing they'll just be disposed of.

Seriously I'm sick of University House already and I've only been in it six days. It's cold and boring as all hell.

Since garrulo.wad I've hardly touched Doom, except for some little thing called beyond.wad. It's 12 levels long and I haven't beaten the first one yet. It's well made, but lack of resources and manoeuvreabilily awkwardness put it just the wrong side of annoying. Oh well.

At least I can rely on the forums continuing to entertain. This was a really shitty update. Good night.