10/03/2003-11/03/2003 @03:32:50 ^03:58:26

To get that birthday update off the top of the page

I went to try and register or something on unitemps. But it sucks because they want three referees. Yes three referees, where the hell do I get those from. Staff from university? School? Oh man I hardly knew any of them. The ones I did know, it's been so long so they're bound to want to know what I've been doing since I left. It would be awkward to the point of insanity.

Concentrating on hobbies? For two godsforsaken years, I should have more to show for it. I have a whole lot of nothing.

Also I forgot to mention my old colour TV that my A3010 used to use as a monitor died this weekend. This really sucks. It's been with me forever, that thing has. Also I have to use the black and white TV whose image is so hilariously blurred and out of focus you can hardly read the screen. It's an even older set, but it hasn't been used as much in the past fifteen years or so.

I'm still really unhappy my birthday turned out the way it did. I don't think I can blame anyone else for that though. But if we had gone to where I wanted to go no-one else would have enjoyed it. I would have felt guilty and I guess I needed convincing that that wasn't going to happen. So time passed, nothing was arranged and it got to Saturday evening and I knew bog all was going to happen and I was upset.

Fubar has returned, in fact it has been back for a month but since I thought it'd gone for good I'd deleted the bookmark so I never noticed. Server troubles took it out for two months. For those who don't know it was to a large extent what inspired me to make this site so yeah.

I should add code to snafu to test if pages have been updated since the last time we checked. There are HTTP headers to do this, I just have to work out how to add them to the calls snafu makes to libwww-perl. Sadly I was too dumb and deprived of proper sleep and food to work out how and my documentation source Perldoc didn't explain it very well.

I've switched IRC clients, I used to use xchat but now I use irssi, for no particular reason. I've nothing against xchat, other than the fact it's not a terminal program. I like terminal programs, old school baby you know the deal. X is just a way to have several of them visible at the same time.

Well that was a fun update and I hope you enjoyed reading it.