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The Daily Bilge 12th July 2002


Reading, England -- Nearly half a dozen people lost their on-line lives today as a flamewar destroyed the misc(at)triv.org.uk mailing list. Eyewitnesses reported sparks flying between two regular contributors, before a conflagration erupted, engulfing the list administrator.

"It's a disaster," sobbed Rob Young, 23, a long-time list subscriber. "I get like no [expletive] mail now, because of some stupid little disagreement I didn't even start. Now I feel even more unpopular and surrounded by retards than I did last week. It's so heavy man! I don't care who started it, I just want some mail from my friends once in a while!"

Fire officials suspect it could be some months before the list can be rebuilt, as the cost of an apology could run into literally millions of pounds worth of hurt pride.

(I wrote this earlier today in response to this: "Any idea what's going on? List activity seems to have plummeted to new depths")

Important anniversary

I have to post this. Today, the 24th, is 10 years (damn scarily long time!) since, um, blast, I can't explain it to anyone who isn't me. It is simply a very important anniversary in the history of my brain. Don't ask me to explain this further because I can't - but I have to post it.

10 years since The Start Of The Interesting Bit