02/07/2003 @23:07:34 ^01:48:51


I've applied for a couple of things Unitemps have sent me recently. I was rejected for the first one within an hour and a half of applying for it; it was one of the urgent ones, and I can only hope I was rejected simply because I wasn't fast enough.

So far I haven't heard back from the other one, for which I applied today. Though I doubt I'll get it (because it's a longer term thing) I want to remain hopeful, since it's about programming for a website. PHP and Perl were mentioned, however along with a few things with which I'm not so familiar, like Dreamweaver. Despite this, I didn't hesitate too much in sending off the application - I dare say I could pick it up pretty quickly, I got the hang of SPSS easily enough - but since I didn't hear back immediately it's probably gone to someone else.


snafu welcomes Frisky's Song Diary. Don't ask me who is really behind this site as my silence was requested!

CDave is the new Felix; he's taken something I've written, and copied it, making an arguably better version. Complete with a tortuous name chosen for the comedy acronym, Alert Notification Updated Sites is in the final stages of beta testing (hence the filename, which it strikes me will change, and break this link... oh well, not like I care that much about broken links in really old updates)

It adds the feature of being configurable. A few people have asked me for this, but since the infamous p3find security hole incident I've avoided writing interactive web pages where possible. Furthermore, to be honest, I find the interface to be somewhat cumbersome; however I doubt this could have been avoided, HTML forms are by their nature going to be unpleasant, as the tags were tacked on to the standard as it evolved over the end of the previous decade.

(Oh and he appears to have acquired an account at triv.org.uk but has yet to log into it...)


Here's what I've done recently in the beautiful game. You can all stop reading now, I know you don't care about this.

I still really want to do some things with the PRBoom source, or work on my own maps some more, but as usual I can't seem to get started. I've gone back into the Doom IRC channels on freenode, but of course I'm far too shy to say anything much. Never mind the fact that the channels themselves are in a kind of flux at the moment, indeed in some danger of being thrown off the network following an incident or two with the staff last week, heh.