31/10/2003 @23:31:15 ^00:45:12


So here's a link to some scary disturbing shit, well, scary and disturbing if you're one of the little whiny shitburgers who live in the rogue channel. For decently jaded people who aren't driven screaming into the night by a rectangle of maroon, it's just a picture and today especially you should click on it. There's far worse. There's people stupid enough to commit criminal assault, take pictures and post the evidence on the internet! And they think I'm a moron. Oh well, I guess one man's moron is another man's misunderstood comedy genius.

I have for Halloween in previous years tried to invent all sorts of stupid rituals and shit to do, often involving concentrating on simple geometric shapes or somesuch. I wanted to be able to astrally project myself around without having to leave my bed. I wanted to try out the old superstition that if you go to a crossroads on Halloween and listen to the wind you will hear your future. I wanted to believe there's more to the universe and in particular mind and sentience than quantum particles wobbling at each other.

But there's the problem. I have no evidence that any of this shit works and being schooled as a scientist I am forced to conclude it's all hogwash. The nearest you can get to astral projection is that careful balance just on the edge of sleep where you have lucid dreams. I can never make this last for long, I never manage to do anything interesting, indeed I rarely realise I'm even doing it until I've woken up properly and can't remember what did happen. As for listening to the wind I suspect all I would learn about what the future holds is that it would feature a period of standing in the freezing rain looking like a moron with an ear cocked to the sky.

PS My job has pretty much finished but they want me to go back and do another one. More on this later if I decide it isn't too dull.