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About time we updated this thing, really? What do you think? Oh okay. You twisted my arm.

Oh yes. As from now I have decided that an update doesn't necessarily need an <h2></h2> heading. Often as not I have real trouble thinking of one I haven't used before.

A couple of links

Doom and more Doom

So guess what Rob spent his weekend doing. Playing a few maps e.g. industrl.wad, an incredibly large map with tons of monsters (over 1300! It had a zeroed reject table so the only way I could make it playable was to get WARM to make one!) It was way too hard for me (damnit!) so I ended up cheating my way round it (oh well...) but you see I'm a sucker for huge levels like that, I need to see the whole of it.

Also, they've apparently officially announced Doom 3 now. I'm not too excited as I know I've no hardware powerful enough to run it anywhere near properly and I like the original quite enough thankyou very much. Maybe in a few years time after another system upgrade and there are lots of extra levels available, made as labours of love by talented individuals.

Brrrring! Brrrring!

Once again I found myself unable to use the telephone, putting off making certain calls this weekend, due to being a wuss. But I can't be bothered whinging about it, just to say I was very angry with myself on Saturday. Happily the problem was solved on Sunday, although in a quite subversive and wholly unsatisfactory manner. But the end result was as intended so like I say I'm not going to whinge too much, I don't feel like it.

Another deliciously cryptic piece from the people who brought you "technical difficulties":-)