03/01/2003 @16:20:23 ^16:37:04

Hello, happy new year, christmas, whatever. Here is the report I just wrote about my job interview. It has been cut and pasted to a few email addresses already, but I think I'll put it here as well.

So I guess you want to know how the interview went. Well, guess what.
There was the clean, corporate, soulless building, the two guys in jacketless suits that interviewed me (guess what I had on..) One goes off on about the history of the company, what the job was, etc, I was already sort of thinking "you know what, I'm not sure about this, heh" never mind the shifts (4 weeks rotation of 12 hour shifts. Week 1, you do 4, week 2, you do 6(!), week 3, you do 4 again, week 4 off)
Then they come out with this "Competency test", an apparently stock list of questions that my mum said later sounded like they'd been written by an HR dept. Teamwork, communication, yadda ("what was the biggest problem you faced in the last six months, and how did you overcome it" well I haven't done shit in the last six months, heh) Seems like they were just reading off some list, following procedure, or whatever. Gods know if I'd actually been suitable for the job, because like I said it seemed like a stock thing. Of course I was Mister No Confidence and stammered like a retard but that's a given, I hate talking to people I don't know and no matter what everyone tells me about acting confident I can't do it.
Yeah you've probably guessed by now. At this point the guy says "well, we could carry on but frankly we don't feel you're suitable for the role, you're not really strong enough on this competency test" so I'm like "oh well, good experience, been fun, (..whatever..) thanks, bye"
I don't think I'm too bothered that I didn't get this job, I mean assuming the questions they decided to ask me were actually relevant, I definitely wouldn't have fitted in easily. On the other hand I am very bothered that I'm still without an income, any kind of self dependency, a future, or, prospects.

I was going to do an update about stuff that happened over christmas but I don't think I can be bothered now except for this: every year on boxing day a lot of the family go round to my mum's sister's house and we have tea and that. As we left she asked "did you enjoy yourself" and I said

"Oh, yeah. There's nothing like lounging all over someone else's furniture and badmouthing everything for a few hours!"